BOTTEGA ceramics. Not just porcelain stoneware, but surfaces with an elegant and refined design

During our daily lives we live in and frequent many different places: home, office and commercial spaces, to name but a few. Sometimes, although we walk through these spaces every day, we do not realize how much human beings and the environment influence each other.


The BOTTEGA team has always had a very clear mission: to observe reality with sensitivity and enthusiasm, with a keen and innovative eye, in order to create a style that can positively influence environments. A style able to characterize places, those in which we live, work and spend our time, so that they make us feel good and at ease.


BOTTEGA, a luxury brand that became part of the Italcer group in 2020, is a young company which, however, brings with it thirty years of experience acquired in the ceramic industry by its founding partners. Research, aesthetic taste and attention to detail are the three guidelines for a company which has made its products stand out within the Italian luxury ceramics sector. 


The refined simplicity of ceramics conceived, developed and produced in Italy, which fuse together the most modern production technologies and laboratory techniques to achieve an original and exclusive product.

Luxury ceramics
that love the environment

Creativity, research and attention to detail. Excellence in technology, production and management. These are the elements that guide us in the creation of environmentally friendly ceramics.


From the Italcer group, BOTTEGA has inherited a business model in which sustainability is a value, but also a goal on which to remain constantly focused: thanks to the technological innovation that characterizes our production processes, we are able to offer customers, architects and designers floor and wall tiles that combine design and beauty with sustainable materials.


In 2022, the Italcer group took the Sustainability Award (an initiative promoted by Forbes, Credit Suisse and KON Group) and was included among the top 100 Italian companies in terms of sustainability.


An accolade that testifies to the constant investment in research and development of ceramic products which, to an increasing extent, make use of recycled raw materials while minimizing environmental impact.